Building Torah, Building Sydney

  • Sydney NEEDS a Kollel - Charidy 2018

    The message is very clear - Sydney NEEDS a Kollel!


    The advocates of this vision represent a broad cross-spectrum of Sydney's Jewish leadership. No-one better understands the need for a vibrant Kollel than those at the helm.


    Featuring: Rabbi Michoel Gourarie (Director, BINA), Rebbetzin Deborah Blackman (JLC), Mr Roy Steinman (College Principal, Kesser Torah College), Royi Bercovici (Bnei Akiva Shaliach) and Rabbi Benji Levy (Moriah College Dean).


    Help us raise $200k THIS coming Sunday (June 3) to build towards the actualization of this vision!!

  • What's On

    Current Shiurim and Events

    CBD Beis Midrash

    An Interactive Learning Experience

    Mondays 1 pm in the city

    SHIVTI Halacha Chabura

    Advanced Group Learning

    Mondays 8.45 pm

    PBM Gemora Group

    Facilitated Skills-Based Learning

    Tuesdays 8.45 pm

    Mussar Vaad

    with Rabbi Gourarie

    Fridays 9.30 am

  • IT'S HERE!

    The Professionals Beis Medrash program

    We are excited to launch this new project that is already being enjoyed

    by many professional communities around the world!

    Professionals Beis Medrash (PBM)

    PBM is designed for those who wish to improve their ability to learn gemara independently, whether they are just starting out or would like to build on existing skills. For more info visit https://www.pbmuk.org/

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    R' Reuben Klein

    R' Reuben Klein: 0401 599 764