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    The Semichat Chaver Program

    A Gateway to Halachic Knowledge

    Ever want to learn halacha from the original sources and really understand it? Join SCP today!

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    The Cholent Shiur

    And there's a lot more there than cholent!

    Our newest topical shiur by R' Yaakov Einstein!

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    Torah Bites Delivered To Your Phone

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    Daf Hashavua

    A Little Each Day Becomes A Lot

    Join our highly successful Daf Hashavua Whatsapp shiur with Rav Ari Levy

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    Parsha Inspiration

    A 5-minute Parsha Gem

    Hear a bite-sized nugget of inspiring wisdom on the Parsha from Rav Danny Eisenberg

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    Shabbos in 3 Minutes!

    Learn the Laws of Shabbos in depth a bit each day

    Plumb the depths of the laws of Shabbat in just 3 minutes a day with these information-packed shiurim with Rav Benjy Simons

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    R' Reuben Klein

    R' Danny Eisenberg: 0424 197 582